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Faith Tabernacle History

Faith Tabernacle was founded in 1982. Services began on the very first Sunday that January. From the very first day, our main purpose as a church was to present the End Time Message of the Hour to the people. That is still our mission today.

The first meeting place was in a small building at Vinson Valley off of Highway 49 in Byron, Ga. Over the years, God saw fit to continually increase the congregation and a new building was needed. The current site in Byron was chosen in 1995 and construction began. The first service in the new building was held on the first Sunday of January 1996.

In 2002, a Fellowship  Hall was built adjacent to the Main building. In addition to being used for different events throughout the year, one of the main reason for building it  was to accommodate the large volume of Believers during the annual Labor Day meetings.

Our church faithfully supports the spreading of this End Time Message through Voice of God Recordings.

About Faith Tabernacle

Here at Faith Tabernacle, we believe in a Message that is sent to us from God above. Just as God sent a Messenger to each of the previous Church Ages, we believe that Brother William Marrion Branham is sent as the Messenger to this Seventh Church Age.

We believe that this End-time Message is the true Revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ for our time. God has never, ever failed to vindicate Brother Branham's ministry, and today we continue to listen to and believe the Voice that continues to speak. Contact us today for more information about this precious Message.

A Message church

About Faith Tabernacle