Our Sunday School Superintendent

Brother David Ballard represents the younger generation of Believers coming up at Faith Tabernacle. He dutifully serves as the Sunday School Superintendent with a quiet and dignified presence. We greatly appreciate him.

Our Treasurer

Brother Tommy Smith has been the treasurer  for many years and has been with the church since the very first day in 1982. He continues to faithfully and dutifully serve to this day and provides an unerring service to the believers of Faith Tabernacle.

"The responsibility of the treasurer is to provide an exact account of the financial status of the present funds in the treasury. This report is to be made available to the pastor or the Board of Trustees upon their request of such a report. No other office in the church may have access to this information. The treasurer shall sit in on every trustee meeting to take notes and minutes of actions taken by the Board of Trustees. He has not the authority to convey or acknowledge the financial status information to any acting office in the church but the pastor or Board of Trustees. He shall not be a consultant in spiritual matters, not is it of need that he should attend meetings of deacons unless asked to by the pastor."

                                                                                   Excerpts from Brother Branham

"This body of men shall govern the welfare of the church as a business group. They are elected to protect the church in its financial matters, its business investments, the supervision of  it properties and the expenditures. They shall strongly consider every move of progress, step by step, which involves church funds. For they shall be responsible to keep the church from indebtedness, and the saints from burdens that are too great to bear financially. In the undertaking of any project, regardless what it is, they  are to bring the matter to the pastor. Consultation by the pastor for every project the church wishes to invest or engage itself therein is absolutely required.""

                                                                                   Excerpts from Brother Branham

Our Trustees

Brothers Stephen Andrews, Wes Ardiel and James Arnette serve as Faith Tabernacle's Board of Trustees. Their hard work around the church and careful consideration concerning the church finances is greatly appreciated.

"The office of Deacons, as elected according to the Word of God and the manner of the Branham Tabernacle, is to act as an office of spiritual assistance to the pastors. They are to assist the pastors on all of his spiritual activities. They are given free speech in presenting to the pastors any program or benefits that would bless the general and spiritual welfare of the church. They must be apt to teach, and ready to assist the pastor or associate pastor on every duty if called to do so. They shall police the church, in keeping civil order and conduct. They shall assist in taking local offerings. They shall oversee the spiritual conduct of the church in working with pastor and one another on spiritual problems and matters of the saints. They shall be ready at anytime to assist the need of every saint who is burdened and in need of spiritual consultation, or general welfare. They have not the right to act upon any program or promotion without agreement with one another, the pastor or the trustees if the program they are considering doing involves church funds. They will be responsible before God for their conduct and manner of service, according to the Word of God. They shall not have a meeting among themselves without the pastor or associate pastor present"

                                                                                   Excerpts from Brother Branham

Our Deacons

Brothers Joseph Yancey, Clay Robinson, Jon Coley and Matt Taylor provide an excellent and Godly service to Faith Tabernacle. They show Godly, compassionate love for the people  and true Spiritual Leadership.

"Love your pastor and respect him; he's a honorable man, a man of God, truly. But keep your mind on Christ and your affection set on Christ. Just respect him as what he is, as a reverend, because he represents God to you."

"If a minister comes up, your pastor, always respect him. I've heard congregations talk about their pastor, how just talk about him, run him down, ridicule him. How is that pastor ever going to do anything for you? He can't do it. You--you don't--you don't re... I don't say this church, but I mean churches I have seen, that if you... You've got to love your pastor. You've got to know that he's a human being, but yet God has made him His pastor. The Holy Ghost has made him overseer; then you've got to respect him in that manner. And no matter what the pastor's done, if you respect him in your heart as God's servant, God will respect you for doing it

                                                                                                  Excerpts from Brother Branham

Church Offices

Our Pastor

Brother David Yancey has been preaching the gospel for 60 years and preaching the End Time Message for 40+ years. He has been the pastor of Faith Tabernacle since 1982 and as the years continue to pass, Brother Yancey's resolve and steadfastness continues to grow. He always points his congregation to the Word and the Message of the Hour and he spends many hours in prayer and study. He is a true and faithful shepherd to his flock. His faithful companion of 52 years Sister Ruth is always by his side.

A Message church

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"The Sunday school superintendent. And that's what his business is. He's not supposed to have anything to do with the deacons, trustees, pastors, or nobody else, he's got a office of his own. Whoever your Sunday school teacher is, I know not. But that Sunday school teacher is supposed to see that every class is in its place, and every teacher is present, or substitute another teacher for that teacher if they're not there on that day. Then just before the Sunday... While the--the lessons are going on, the Sunday school superintendent is to go by and take up the offerings that they've had in there (their Sunday school collections), and the report of how many present, how many Bibles they had in this class, and so forth, and make a report of it. And then stand before the audience just before the preaching service, when he's give the spot to do it, when they have the Sunday school report after the Sunday school is over, tell how many teachers, how many present, how many of the whole Sunday school total, the whole--whole total of offerings, and so forth like that. Deacons, trustees, pastors, are not supposed to do that. They have nothing to do into it, that is the Sunday school superintendent's job.   And then if he sees that the Sunday school needs certain things, then he is to present that to the--to the trustee board, and the trustees has a meeting upon it, first. And then the trustees, if they find that there is sufficient funds and so forth, through the treasurer, then this can be purchased; if he wants something another for literature, or whatever it is, or some Bibles or something, they want to buy a Bible for the one, you know, that can find the most words and quote the most Scriptures, some prize or something they're going to give away like that, present, and they want to buy it through the church. Then let that be presented to the--to the--to the--the deacons... and then let them find out if it's--if it's--if it's in the treasury. See?

                                                                                   Excerpts from Brother Branham

"Now, there is a group of offices of our church, deacons, trustees, Sunday school superintendent, pastor, as our church is set in order. And you the people elected these officers and this pastor. I'm just general overseer to see it goes on right, and to give advice and so forth. You are the one who elects your pastor; you elect your trustees; you elect your deacons; you elect every office there is in this church, you the people. And it's your duty to stand by those men (See?) for they'll make mistakes. They're mortals; they're just men, and they'll make mistakes. But if the President of United States makes a mistake, do we throw him out as President? We forget about it and move on. That's the way we want to do our church now."

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Excerpt from Brother Branham