"I'm not very much of a song leader. But I do know in my heart that you have to believe it. Is that right? All right. Now, brother, give us a key on it and we get it. All right. Everybody again now."

                                                                                                                                                                                              Brother Branham - 48-0302  EXPERIENCES

"...After the ark went forth, what went forth then? Singing, players of instrument, before the fight took place. Hallelujah. That's what we need today; it's what we had this morning; singers, instruments, playing music, rejoicing."

                                                                                                                                                             Brother Branham

The Ensemble

The Ensemble is composed of  very talented sisters who work together towards the goal of creating an atmosphere of Holy Spirit lead worship through song. They spend many hours in practice in preparing for services with the veteran singers always mentoring and helping the younger sisters reach their full potential. They work together in a loving and joyous way that contributes to successful worship services.

"Let the song Leader be on the job!

                                                                                                                      Brother Branham

Music Department

Our Song Leader

Brother Wes Ardiel currently serves as our song leader and a mentor to many in the church in song. He is a true Holy Ghost filled believer with a wonderful God given talent of playing music. 


Brother Jo Howdeshell is our talented bass player . He is a fine brother and father of  seven children. A Virginia transplant, he now calls Georgia home. He always has something good to say and a cheerful smile.

I think some of you men was out here on the corner, preaching the gospel, and beating an old guitar, throwed in jail, and run out of the city, for the very cause, paving the road that I'm running smooth on. You're the men should be honored; you're the women that should be honored.
  Brother Branham

"If the organist, on the organ will play for me, if you'll give me a chord... How many loves that old song, "Abide with Me"? I just feel like some great resurrection morning that when all of life is over and our work on earth is done, we been home to the wedding supper, returned back for the Millennium... I just imagine, the soft angelic music sweeping through the air. The angels of God will be singing in the resurrection when we return back. I want Him to "Abide with Me" then, don't you? While she's playing it softly...."                                                                           Brother Branham


Brother Timothy Reavis is the Faith Tabernacle organist.  He is also a very talented piano player. 

Sopranos: Sister Caitlyn Robinson, Sister Charity Coley ;  Tenors: Sister Hope McCullough and Sister Donna Pirkey; Altos: Sister Hope Abbott and Sister Mary McCullough


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Faith Tabernacle is blessed with many, many talented musicians and singers and every service is blessed with a special song from one of them. We thank the Lord for giving us such talent.

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